How to use MiniKeePass on iOS?

Update (2019-11-14): Welp! It appears MiniKeePass has been removed from the App Store.

I believe that the addition of a password manager to anyone’s workflow will greatly enhance the security of his or her online accounts. I’ve personally tried BitWarden, 1Password and pass but decided to stick with KeePass at the end of the day.

I won’t go too much into the details for my decision but it’s simply the most hassle-free option for cross-platform support without having to (completely) depend on a hosted cloud service. The client I’m using on my desktop/laptop is KeePassXC.

To access my passwords on my iPhone, I’ve been using the very awesome, free and ad-free MiniKeePass. That is, until the 2.3.0 update to KeePassXC which likely caused the database upgrade to KDBX 4.

While there are several other KeePass iOS apps, aside from Strongbox (freemium with one-time payment of USD 25), none of the other apps really appealed to me (too many ads etc.).

So, if you’re only discovering MiniKeePass now and would like to be able to use it, here’s how you can resolve it:

1. Download KeePass on Windows
2. Import your existing KeePass database
3. Click on File -> Export -> KeePass KDBX (2.34, Old Format)
4. Save to new KeePass database file

Doing so will downgrade your database file and you should have no issue running it on the current MiniKeePass version. Needless to say, you should download KeePassXC 2.2.4 and NOT upgrade to the latest version.