Who is Sharon Liew?

Sharon Liew

If you are not invested in the Singapore Twitterverse, you might have missed out on the appearance of a certain Sharon Liew. She’s likely to be 32 years old (@SharonLiew86), enjoys browsing SGAG, singing karaoke, going to JB and occasionally BKK with her Malay friend.

She is also likely a fictitious character.


Most of her tweets are politically incorrect, casually racist and bordering seditious.


There are 2 obvious signs that the account is not just your everyday insensitive, racist Ah Lian:

  1. The account was created very recently in July 2018.
  2. The girl pictured as ‘Sharon Liew’ herself is actually from an article on TanTan, a Chinese dating app.

Sharon Liew

So who is behind this Twitter account and what is his or her intention?

Is this the owner’s way to shed light on the sensitive and not often discussed racial issue in Singapore? Is this the owner trying to make a statement on how easy it is to get people riled up as can be seen from the retweets people are directing at her? Or maybe there is no deeper meaning and the owner is simply just screwing around?

I’m not sure if we will ever find out unless of course, based on how easily triggered Singaporeans can be, someone’s already made a police report and “apuneneh” might be planning to catch her soon.