How to make your white shoes look new again?

I’m not the most trendy ~~blogger~~ influencer in Singapore but I fell in love with adidas’ Ultraboost Triple White and snagged a pair via Carousell, only because they were near impossible to find in our local retail shops at that time and somehow, they were actually cheaper.

Anyway, while the Ultraboost make me look really cool and like I’m some kind of hot shit Instagram model, they get dirty way too quickly, cause you know, TRIPLE white and all.

In search for an answer to my very first-world problem, I came across this tutorial. Seeing the article is in Korean, let Mr ‘oppa’ Lim do the translation for you;

What do you need:

  1. Remove the shoelace.

  1. Put your shoes and shoelaces into the ziploc bag and add 2L of lukewarm water.

  1. Add 2 spoons of dishwashing liquid and sodium percarbonate into the ziploc bag (1:1 ratio).

  1. Shake the ziploc bag and allow the ingredients to mix well until the sodium percarbonate dissolves completely. Let it sit for 20 minutes.

  1. Remove the shoes and shoelaces from the ziploc bag and scrub the remaining stains off with the toothbrush.

  1. Rinse well with clean water and leave to dry.

…and there you go. Good as new!

So simple!