DBS, POSB Evening Banking Branches (closes at 7pm)

Besides OCBC, which has the most consumer friendly opening hours, all the other banks are pretty bad in this aspect. Your counter outlet closes at 5pm/6pm?! My work ends at 6pm! How the hell are your customers gonna ever anything done?

While I do empathise with the bank employees who are forced to work later or over the weekends and I am a strong believer in a good work life balance, this is something the major banks should try to solve, either that or ensure that everything can be done via Internet banking. Alas, we are not at that stage yet.

After being informed that I will have to make my way down personally to a branch to instruct the bank to purchase the next Singapore Government Security (SGS) bond with my Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds and that it couldn’t be done online or ahead of the announcement date, I started looking for any DBS/POSB branch which opens till the latest on weekdays. Based on my research and understanding, as there’s no investment or custodial charges for buying the bond and there’s no redemption charge if you hold the bond t maturity, it appears to be the best use of the SRS monies.

While the DBS branch locator page is nicely designed with an interactive map, it was extremely frustrating to click around the map trying to browse through their list of ‘Evening Banking Branches’ and all that I clicked on appears to close at 6pm. So to save myself (or anyone who chances upon this page) the trouble, these are the only branches that opens from 11am to 7pm daily (excludes Sundays and PHs):

Information is accurate at time of this post but please call ahead if you’re not lazy and don’t want to make a wasted trip in the event the banks decided to revise their business hours.