_____.com is NOT for sale


Having registered Purple.com back in 1994, and no doubt received hundreds (thousands?) of enquiries to purchase the domain name from him, the owner Jeff Abrahamson was irritated enough to put up a dedicated page highlighting its unavailability.

The domain was so iconic that it even has its own entry on Wikipedia (whether or not you think it deserves to be listed is another question).

Several months back, the owner changed his long holding stance and with an asking price of $1.5 million.


Subsequently, the domain changed hands. Purchased by Purple Innovation, the hipster mattress company (previously at OnPurple.com). There were many speculation on the actual sale price at that time but it was recently revealed in the Edgar filings; the magic number was $900,000.

Aside from being an interesting interweb tidbit (at least for myself), this also highlights the truism of the old saying: Everything is for sale, at the right price.

If you are trying to acquire a domain name (or anything else really), and the owner is continuously telling you that it is not for sale, consider the fact that your offer might not be attractive enough?