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My future home will not actually be ready until some time and considering this post was written nearly 5 years ago, it might not be really relevant when the time comes but I’ve actually bookmarked it then and kept it till now. Filed here for future reference.

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You should know is what is there inside each material.

  1. Granite is 100% Natural stone
  2. Quartz is man-made and contains 85%-95% crushed quartz with a resin binder
  3. Solid surfaces are also man-made and have Acrylic or Polyester Plastics inside.

Heat and Scratch Resistance

Granite is not affected by heat at all and is highly resistant to scratches as well; so can be the best choice if this is your concern. Quartz can be affected by high heat when it is over 400 and for scratches it’s again highly resistant too. On part of solid surfaces, they are not heat resistant and hot pans may warp, melt, crack, or discolor the solid surface and they get scratches easily too, so you need to be extra careful about solid surface counter tops.


If cleanliness and hygiene are your main concerns, you may opt for Granite or Quartz as they both are highly resistant to bacteria. If you opt for Solid surface, it may not be that hygienic as it gets scratches easily; it absorbs the moisture quickly and is very likely to provide shelter to bacteria if it’s not cleaned properly.

Fabrication and Appearance

Fabrication may not be the concern if you’re more concerned about the hygiene and longevity, however it may be if you’re looking for styling as well. Granite and Quartz may require seams, but Solid Surfaces are seamless and are usually set on a wood sub structure.


Maintaining granite is comparatively easier, and Quartz comes second. Both may need periodic sealing to prevent staining. Solid surface on the other hand needs extensive care, however, scratches and stains can be sanded out with periodic polishing.


Granite is the most expensive one, while Quartz is in middle and Solid Surface is comparatively cheapest of all. There may be a big difference in prices of Solid Surface and Quartz, but when it comes to compare the prices of Quartz and Granite, the difference is not much. If you’re on budget, you may look for Solid surface, if it’s concern of luxury, then granite and if you are looking for affordable luxury, Quartz will best suit you!

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Additional bunch of useful home organisation ideas that I have in mind;

  1. Hang your shelves upside down so that the brackets automatically create built-in compartments.

  1. Install shelf over your bathroom door for the stuff you don’t regular access to such as cleaning supplies, extra towels, bulk items, etc.

  1. Kitchen basket under a shelf/desk for cable management.

  1. Shoe rack could serve as a nice shelving for the desk.

  1. Store bins on the ceiling.

  1. Use a shoe organiser to store cleaning supplies.

  1. Attach undershelves in a cabinet to take advantage of vertical space.

  1. Store your games in uniform boxes.

  1. Store foil, cling wrap inside a magazine rack.

  1. Use a peg board to store frequently used kitchen tools.

  1. Put the washing machine/dryer on a shelf and take advantage of vertical space below them.

  1. Attach a hook to the side of food containers for easy scooping.

  1. Use wire CD racks to organise Tupperware lids.

  1. Use magnet to store hygiene tools.

  1. Install a wire shelf in the dead space of a closet to coral wrapping paper.

  1. Store pot lids with short curtain rods or magazine rack.

  1. Maximise your fridge storage.

  1. Organising office/craft supplies.

  1. Install a rail in the sink cabinet for cleaning products.

  1. Store matching sheets inside of their pillowcases.

  1. Use a deep kitchen drawer to store utensils vertically.

  1. Use a magazine rack for extra storage space behind cabinet doors.

  1. Store bulk items in stackable, uniform bins.

  1. Replace the standard shampoo and body wash bottles with uniform bottles.

  1. Use tension curtain rods as dividers for cupboards.

  1. Use a pegboard with inserts to keep dish drawer neat, customise them to your plate and bowl sizes.

  1. Organise your measuring spoons and cups with easy reference.

…and that is all. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn this into a BuzzFeed/Pinterest blog.