So my extremely wonderful SO (she doesn’t read this blog so you know I mean it when I say this) celebrated my birthday with me over dinner at the popular Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, which of course, specialises in Unagi. From what I’ve heard, the queue at its Outram outlet is crazy and waiting times can be more than an hour. Fortunately, business seems to be a bit slower than usual (restaurant was still fully packed which says a lot) and she queued for approximately 30 minutes before I reached the restaurant and managed to get in instantly.

(Un)fortunately, I’m no food connoisseur and I can’t tell you if the restaurant’s Unagi reputation is appropriately rated but I find it yummy and fresh enough and I wouldn’t mind revisiting the establishment in the future provided that the queuing time is < 1 hour. Or you can take my colleague's word for it: "BEST UNAGI SHE'S EVER HAD!"

If you have not figured out what's my birthday and the Unagi dinner's got to do with AirPods, that's what I received as my birthday gift.

On its release, having never owned a pair of bluetooth earphones, I thought anyone will be crazy to shell out $238 for (what I essentially thought was) just a pair of wireless Apple branded earphones. Shortly after, the reviews were coming in and while the sound quality was nothing to rave about (expected), the praise for its ease of use/setup and how natural it was for a wireless earphones stood out for me. So while I was slightly convinced I knew that I would never be able to convince myself to fork out so much just for a pair of bluetooth earphones. Well, until I received them as a gift.

Probably the most beautiful and classy deliverance of a bluetooth earphones product ever but unfortunately, after managing to get it setup properly, the AirPods are nearly unusable for me. With my iPhone in hand, music played perfectly but the moment I kept my iPhone in my front jeans pocket, the music stopped instantly and will only come back like 3-5 seconds later and even then, there will be intermittent disconnections. After trying to figure out what's the problem and doing multiple restarts/reset, I decided to reach out to Apple support. Hearing the description of the issues I'm facing, the support agreed with me that there might be something off with the AirPods and suggested me to bring it in to do a check on the product.

Hopefully, the service centre will be able to resolve this issue and then I'll be able to say good bye to the default Apple earphones and fully utilise this wonderful gift?