Mr. Kiasu: Everything Also Like Real

Do you remember Mr Kiasu? If you are born before 1990s, you will probably have fond memories of one of Singapore’s most recognisable comic icons. He even has a TV show, portrayed by Chow Chew Meng!

I was actually a huge Mr Kiasu fan. Owning almost all volumes of his original series and the Kiasu Krossover series. I even bought their collectibles from McDonald’s! Mr Kiasu figurines, they were the Hello Kitty! before Hello Kitty!

His latest installment, Mr. Kiasu: Everything Also Like Real, was released 2 months ago but I only actually found out about it last week. According to its publisher, Shogakukan Asia, it will be full-colour, 128-page and retail price at $13.80.

As much as I’d like to show my support for Mr Johnny Lau, being a kiasu Singaporean, I immediately went on Carousell to search for a 2nd-hand copy. I managed to find someone willing to let their copy go for $8 but I have to travel all the way to Marsiling! Siao ah!

I decided to try my luck on NLB’s catalogue, wondering if our national library actually stocks comics? Lo and behold, they do! If you want to avoid the need to constantly checking the availability at your neighbourhood library, or you can just pay $1.55 and have it reserved and delivered to the library of choice.

And I am glad I did that instead of paying full retail price. Coming from a once huge fan, this new volume is extremely disappointing. While revival of old franchise is all the rage these days (Blade Runner, Star Wars, Indiana Jones…noticing a pattern here), perhaps it’s best to let some franchise stay retired rather than cobbling together something unamazing just to cash in?