Chope King : XL Tissues for Parking Issues

So you know how this is an actual thing in Singapore (only?) where somehow there is this consensus where you can just leave a packet of tissue on the hawker food centre table to indicate that the table is already “chope-ed”. I have no idea when this practice started and by whom but I’d love to find out someday and give him/her a punch in the gut or a huge, wet, sloppy kiss only because I’m not sure if I’m so impressed by this person’s ingenuity or annoyed that this is actually socially acceptable.

Anyhow, this photo was posted on Reddit;

That’s right. XL tissues for all your parking issues, according to the website which can be seen on the packaging. The site is still under construction but is likely to be a pretty neat marketing campaign. Domain was just registered on 29 September but the owner details are currently private. Kleenex? New parking startup maybe?

A part of me wishes the company is actually selling these huge ass packet tissues so I get it for my home.