No Public Holiday on 23 September 2017

Singapore, meet your 8th President, Madam Halimah Yacob. Set to be the first female president, the former Speaker of Parliament was the only candidate who received both Certificate of Eligibility and Community of Certificates.

I guess no one should really be surprised at this point since it was already pretty much confirmed by Chan Chun Sing back in February 2017.

On a separate note, I came across an interesting article on from MCI;

3 things you should know about the upcoming Presidential Election

1. Why not just appoint the President?

The President should not be appointed by the Government, as he/she serves as a check on the Government.

Besides serving as a unifying figure for Singaporeans of all races, the President has responsibilities pertaining to Singapore’s reserves.

While the Government holds the “first key” to Singapore’s reserves, the Constitution gives the President the “second key” — the authority to veto measures taken by the Government which requires drawing on past reserves. If the President is appointed by the Government, he/she may not be able to exercise his/her authority independently without being influenced by the Government.

This is why the President has to be elected by the citizens of Singapore. This will give him/her the mandate and legitimacy to check the elected Government, and be an effective custodian of Singapore’s reserves.