Singapore Movie Ticket Pricing Guide

A common complaint among my peers is that dating in Singapore is super boring and there’s only so many times you can go to Botanic Gardens or the Universal Studios.

Most of the time, you’re either meeting up for food (maybe at this new trendy cafe if you’re so inclined) or window shopping. The remaining of the time, probably sitting in the movie theatre catching one of the latest blockbusters.

Whatever it is, if your goal is to spend the least (movie ticket prices are getting real expensive through these years) and you do not really care which cinema it is (I’m impartial to all except for the one at Lido which underwent renovation few years ago and I can’t stand their seats for some reason), here is the guide for you!

I initially did my research and included the pricing for 3D movies but decided to omit it for clarity. Frankly, while the idea of 3D movies was real exciting when it was first introduced with Avatar, I’ve never been impressed or felt particularly inclined to watch a 3D movie anytime and I believe most people will feel the same.

Are you 55 years old or older? (Monday-Friday)

@ Shaw – $4 (before 6pm)
@ Cathay – $5 (before 6pm)
@ GV – $4.50 (before 6pm)
@ FilmGarde – $4 (before 5pm)

Are you a student? (Monday-Friday)

@ Shaw – $6.50 (before 6pm)
@ Cathay – $7 (before 6pm)

GV and FilmGarde does not care if you’re a student or not and shouldn’t you be in school during the hours being discounted anyway?

Is it Friday, Saturday, Sunday, PH or eve of PH?

@ Shaw – $12.50
@ Cathay – $13
@ GV – $13
@ FilmGarde – $13


@ Shaw – $8.50, $9.50 (sneak preview or opening title)
@ Cathay – $9
@ GV – $8.50, $9 (Thursday), $9.50 (sneak preview or opening title)
@ FilmGarde – $8.50 (Monday-Wednesday), $9 (Thursday)

The above prices are per General Admission and accurate at time of post as retrieved from the operators’ respective websites.

For the latest promotions and possibly get more bang for your buck, I will recommend checking out their respective promo pages;