How to answer tricky questions about MRT delays…

Infographic created by LTA to help their employees in tackling questions about the recent rampant MRT delays everyone is experiencing;

Why test during peak hours?

All new systems need to be tested to their limits. This will help us examine how they behave under intense loads and the recovery to normal usage. Hence testing needs to be conductd throughout the day, including peak hours, when trains are running at high frequencis with heavy commuter loads, to identify and rectify the issues.

Why is testing on the North-South Line (NSL) so challenging?

Testing on every line takes time. For new lines such as CCL and DTL, testing took place before the start of passenger service with only 1 type of train. Testing on “live” lines such as the NSL is more complex. It has 4 different fleets of trains and runs on both open viaducts and tracks underground.

When will it end?

Based on other countries’ experience, such complex systems will take about 4-6 months to stabilise.

“We are not alone! London and HK also faced similar issues when changing systems.”

Long-term gain!

The new signalling system will help shorten waiting times, and we are working hard to get there.