Hearthstone Global Games

Global tournament series organised by Blizzard with the invites being sent out after massive round of voting opened to the individual countries’ voters.

The players representing Singapore are as follows;

I’m an avid player of Hearthstone. While it has slightly waned of late, probably due to lack of new content, I’ve really enjoyed following the progress of team Singapore.

Following is a showcase match between Singapore and Malaysia;


I’d hate to be the one to perpetuate stereotypes but are the casters really not paying attention or do all Asians really look the same to them Westerners?!

On the 3rd game, where Aaron was up against RevengeCCS, the name was being displayed incorrectly as Sequinox and the caster kept referring to Aaron as Sequinox in his commentary throughout the entire game!

There is some truth in the “sap caster” meme after all?