Free Static Content Hosting

While I own and operate Singapore Hosting, with all the static content generators available and the general push in that direction for simpler web pages, even basic shared LAMP Hosting can be seen as an overkill in some cases.

I discovered some time ago and have been tinkering with it. It has some limitations on the free tier but in comparison with the various other static hosting services, I actually like it the most.

If you’d like to try it out, you can check out their docs and also the quick, straightforward commands I use to get up and running;

1. Install the latest version of Node.js (
2. Launch terminal
3. sudo npm install --global surge
4. cd /Users/mba/Dropbox/Surge/
5. (without CNAME) surge /Users/mba/Dropbox/Surge/
6. (with CNAME) surge