China’s Sharing Economy

I’m certain by now you must have seen the mass of shared bicycles all around Singapore. For a modest sum for the deposit and hourly fee, depending on the provider (Mobike, oBike, ofo – comparison here by TNP), you can simply unlock any of their bikes with their respective app and start riding immediately.

If not, you must have seen Mothership’s extensive coverage on unauthorised usage of ofo’s bikes.

Anyhow, with the proliferation of such services, I will not be surprised to see some of the exisiting “sharing” products being brought over from China (ofo, Mobike specifically, oBike is based in Singapore).

猪了个球 sets up vending machines alongside basketball courts around China where players can rent a ball for just 2 RMB ($0.40) an hour.

How about an e-umbrella for 0.5 RMB ($0.10) per 30 minutes?

Is this the perfect “next big thing” product for rainy Singapore? How much would you pay not to have to bring an umbrella out?