Lee Kuan Yew

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16 September 1923 – 23 March 2015

The first Prime Minister of Singapore has passed away 03:18AM this morning at the Singapore General Hospital. It will be the first time Singapore is experiencing mourning of this magnitude. There is no such thing as clean hands in politics, but no matter what one’s opinions are of him, nobody can possibly deny the good he has brought to our nation. The life he has given up to fight for this land’s successes when the world thought of us as a mere island with no future.

The Prime Minister has declared a period of National Mourning from 23 March 2015 to 29 March 2015.

The late Mr. Lee’s body will lie in state at Parliament House from 25 March (Wednesday) to 28 March (Saturday), for the public to pay their respects. Those who wish to pay their last respects at Parliament House can do so from 10 am to 8 pm daily from Wednesday to Saturday.

A State Funeral Service will be held at 2 pm on 29 March (Sunday) at the University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore.

The public can express their condolences and share their memories of the late Mr Lee at the official website, Remembering Lee Kuan Yew (Interestingly, the domain was registered since 21 October 2013. Why they didn’t go with LeeKuanYew.sg is baffling).