I was watching the Final 1 last night, a very rare and definite one time thing not saying that the show is horrible but I digress.

So I noticed that the psi was already 190 and was thinking to myself “damn that’s a really high unhealthy level, maybe I wouldn’t have to go to work the next day if it hits 200”, then I proceeded to lol to myself. I’m just that cool you see. Suddenly the reading flickered and the reading jumped to 290.

Two thoughts came to me;

1. The TV station must have made a typo. 190, 290, it’s possible right?

2. Is it safe to use the haze as an excuse not to go work tomorrow morning?

Also, if cosplay is your thing, this would probably be the best time to walk around town as a zombie, Jill Valentine or any character from the Resident Evil/Silent Hill series cause this totally feels like Raccoon City. Am I right or what?