Mechanical Pencil

So the very last time I really needed a mechanical pencil was in my secondary school days and well, there just wasn’t a need for one in my NS and university days. I probably mentioned this more than once in this lifetime of this blog, but my shit breaks all the time.

So when suddenly the actual need for writing stuff in pencil came up, I realised that I do not have a single pencil in possession.

Mechanical pencil is clearly the only option here, cause unless you’re an artist, there is just too many reasons not to use a real pencil.

My research led me to couple of options;

Pentel P205
Rotring 600
Zebra M-402
Pentel Twist Erase III
Pentel Graph Gear 1000
Alvin Draftmatic
Paper Mate Titanium
Lamy Scribble

While some of them looks really BI4L worthy, I really can’t justify forking out $30-40 for a mechanical pencil. Eventually, I decided to go with the Pentel P205 which I picked up from Popular at $5.65.

Pentel P205

Be sure to check out this review from Dave, who actually maintains a blog dedicated entirely to his mechanical pencil collection. HAH.