Nintendo eShop Singapore

So I received a Nintendo 3DS XL for my birthday which may or may not my long absence. It was the very nifty blue/black version bundled with the always timeless Mario Kart 7.

Quickly realising that no one on the Internets have yet to be able to crack (or release) a functional 3DS ROM for homebrew systems. I ordered the Supercard DSTWO anyway, (probably the most versatile 3DS flashcard currently on the market?) from “Real Hot Stuff”, received it promptly and instantly was able to access thousands of ROMs from my 3DS.

Started playing around with the system and learnt of this ongoing Club Nintendo 3DS XL Promotion. Turns out there was this whole bunch of region restrictions in place, as one is compelled to expect from the gaming/app industry;

If I set my 3DS’s region to Singapore, I would not be able to access the eShop at all. To access the benefits from Club Nintendo and take advantage of the promo and the rewards, I would have to set my 3DS’s region to the United States. However, besides that and downloading free demos, I was not able to make any purchases with my hard-earned money unless I set my 3DS’s region to Brazil.

Clearly, this whole region restriction thing is complete bullshit when I am able to circumvent it so easily. Hope this information is useful to other new Singapore 3DS owners.