Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Despite my earlier sworn allegiance to Apple’s products, in particularly the iPhone, due to their brilliant execution and integration of OSX and iOS, I have succumbed to peer pressure and Samsung’s advertising and marketing efforts and bought my very first Android handphone.

Before, I am totally aware that Apple’s products are so grossly overpriced in comparison to the market’s other offerings but using the MacBook Air and the iPhone 4, one would get that you’re not just paying a premium for the brand, but also for Apple’s ability to churn out something so enjoyable to use.

With that said, I’m a week in with my new Note II and while it took a few days to get used to the iOS/Android differences, the noticeable albeit minor difference in screen colour and sound quality, the size (but I knew what I was getting myself into), my new handphone has served me well.

I’ll be revisiting my thoughts after my 2-year contract with SuckHub is up and we’ll see if how the future iPhone 7 stands up to Samsung S5 and Note V.