In my perusal of the latest useless, expensive gadgets to buy, I came across Memoto, an automatic wearable lifelogging camera. Just clip it to your shirt or around your neck and it’ll start taking photos (2 photos/minute?). Hook the device to your computer and the Memoto app will upload and organise the whole lot on your behalf.

Besides being pretty darn successful in its Kickstarter campaign, there is a lot going for this product. You can find out more about it on its FAQ page.

I like it. Not much practical day to day purpose, and you’ll probably freak out tons of people when they find out you’re “secretly” taking photos of their every move. Also, I thought the name was a play on the word ‘memento’ (it’s not).

So I’m thinking it’s either this or GoPro for all the crazy diving experiences I’m probably not gonna be having for the next 2.5 years.