Movie Review: Ah Boys to Men 新兵正传

Movie Review: Ah Boys to Men 新兵正传

Jack Neo’s latest endeavour after his last fiasco, comes a needlessly long, advertisement for the SAF with blatantly obvious product placements.

At 113 minutes and its tedious plot, you’d think that Jack Neo could have squeezed it all into 1 movie. Instead, this will be the very first local movie split into 2 parts.

Without spoiling the plot, for those who have yet to watch it (and you shouldn’t), the whole thing’s all very predictable and the whole film is banking on its bad jokes and a whole hodgepodge of random cameos from your favourite online personalities.

And the moral of the story? If you chao keng, your father will get hit by a car.

Addendum: 闪亮姐妹; if you’re wondering who the hot twin sisters are, you are welcome.