Facebook Happy Birthday Greetings

First Day on the Internet Kid

It was my birthday few days ago, I met up with my good friends and had a nice meal with my parents. At this age, birthdays were no longer that big of a deal to me.

What struck a chord with me is the number of people wishing me happy birthday, attached with a smiley face for good measure. People I’ve met in passing and added me on Facebook or people who I’ve never spoke to for years. While it’s always nice to catch up with some of them, as soon as the next day comes, we all go back to our own lives and that short Facebook banter exchange of pleasantries remains just that, a Facebook posting on my wall.

So why do you feel the need to post such superficial birthday greetings on someone’s Facebook wall when you either barely know that person or you haven’t been in touch with that person for ages?