Crazy Vietnamese Woman on Tiger Airways

Yeo Chia Keat, 37, a project executive who was with his wife, as well as his friend Chua Teck Kwang, 37, a technician who was his family on the same flight was allegedly assaulted by a Vietnamese woman on a Tiger Airways flight from Ho Chi Minh to Singapore on Saturday.

Yeo accidentally bumped the seat in front of him while stretching his legs, which upset the lady who then started yelling at Yeo and his wife. She followed that by shifting her seat up and down repeatedly. On arrival, when Yeo told the lady that they could go and make a police report together if she was not happy over what happened and then this happened.


Well, I had my fair share of in-flight horror stories where everyone gets cranky and more irritable while flying so I totally understand what the Vietnamese lady was doing. Except the scratching, yelling part of course.