2011 New Year Resolutions

  1. Procrastinate less.
  2. Work half as diligently as my cousin.
  3. With the completion of my (hopefully smooth) Spanish course 21 days later, maintain regular practice and usage of my 3rd language (trilingual woot!)
  4. Get into the habit of tweeting and shower my neglected Twitter account with a lot of attention.

I was toying with the idea of finally changing my ancient blog theme but decided not to.

Also on the last point, no one I know personally blogs anymore, with all the abandoned blogspots and wordpresses slowly but surely rotting sees an inversely proportional rise with twitters and tumblrs. First, I must figure out what the hell is everyone doing on their twitters and tumblrs all day.

Unless you’re a 11 year old whose birthday lies on the eleventh of November, I don’t foresee this year to be a particularly exciting one for anyone else. Other than that, knock yourselves out!

Happy new year Singapore/Brisbane!