Baked Chicken Breast & Carbonara Recipes

Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

1. Take Chicken breast out of freezer to defrost in the morning. Due to winter, it takes really long to defrost. You can expect it to be fully defrosted in the afternoon.
2. Marinate it with ard 3-8 drops of sesame oil (depending on how fragrent you want it to be), enough terriyaki / soy sauce to cover all of the cHicken, with a little extra(because italian herbs suck up the sauce, & evaporation.
3. sprinkle as much italian herbs as u want over the chicKen, & leave it to sit till you are ready to cook
4. wash the veggies, and cut them up (prob 5 – 10 mins)
5. turn on the oven, -Convection, – 200 degrees, -20 mins
6. leave it on for 5 mins for it to preheat
7. in the meantime, spread aluminium foil over the tray of the oven, making sure that it is larger than the tray, so that you can tuck in the sides & make it tight.
8. add a spoonful of olive oil onto the aluminium covered tray and spread it evenly for all the areas you expect to place food onto.
9. place the chiCken breast onto the area with olive oil (at the side) and place the veggies on the remaining area (with olive oil). sprinkle some italian herbs onto the veg (if you want it to smell nice)
10. Shove it in when you See 15 mins left on the timer
11. Go and do your tutorial / Shower, or do smth productive. Like, FB. until u See that there are 2 mins left.
12. Sprinkle cheese over it if desired. If not, take out the Chicken and cut it into half. If it doesn’t look pink anywhEre, u can eat it. If you think it feels too easy to cut, aka too soft, put it in longer.


0. Cook the pasta in boiling water, a dallop of olive oil & a pinch of salt. When cooked, drain and set aside
1. heat olive oil in pan
2. throw in onions, ham + mushrooms – until onions turn slightly transparent and mushroom looks cooked. Don’t care abt ham, cos it is already cooked anyways.
3. Pour in 1/4 cup of white wine – don’t have nv mind.
4. Pour in the 200-300 ml cream+egg

DO NOT LET IT BOIL. or the cream will coagulate and become disgusting

5. throw in the pasta (already cooked) and use tongs. YES, TONGS. cos easy to control, to mix it evenly.
6. lower heat & put cheese.
7. turn off heat, put on plate, eat & get fat.

Both recipes courtesy of the immensely intelligent and always helpful Hui Ting. 😀