My very own iPhone 4

Woken up at by Jeremy at 5am in the morning, we then left the house around 20 minutes later and with my housemate, making our way to the ferry terminal to meet up with Matt.

The ferry terminal wasn’t open yet and for a while, we were the only ones there. A couple joined us shortly and turns out they were planning on getting their iPhone 4s as well but with the intent of reselling them.

The ferry came and reaching the city terminal gates, the couple started running towards the Apple store where they could probably get their iPhone 4s unlocked, for easy reselling. We took a different path, walking past the insane queue in front of Optus (subsidiary of SingTel!) towards 3.

They were offering a pretty nice deal considering the ones we have in Singapore so we decided to go with them. Furthermore, almost all my friends here are on 3 & Vodafone and calls to them are all free as long we’re on the same telco (something our local telcos should offer as well me thinks).

Fortunately, the queue wasn’t half as long as the one at their competitor and so the wait began. The time was 6am.

Nearly 2 hours later, we see 3 employees streaming into the store. Within the last few minutes, time seemed to slow down.

A short but fit guy in a whole Jean-Claude Van Damme getup ushered in the first group of 15 buzzing customers. Half an hour later, as we see smiling faces strolling out one by one, we were led in by this beautiful aussie girl and after going through the whole process of filling up forms and verification, I was finally the proud new owner of a shiny, black iPhone 4.

What reception issues? Lalalala I can’t hear you.

iPhone 4