DotA Allstars v6.67b AI Download

DotA Allstars

Long overdue AI map update but it ain’t easy work. So anyway, for those who thoroughly enjoy playing with AI compared to real people, this one’s for you.

Not much changes as compared to the previous AI map with hero, item updates mainly.


6.67b v2c (06/20/2010) fixed by PleaseBugMeNot & Phaselock
================================================== =========

1. Fixed the actual skill when Puck`s trying to use Dream Coil with scepter (last fix just added Dream coil to the scepter`s spells dream team).
2. Track`s buff was not visible when in range of tracked enemy
3. Track`s visual on enemy head was not disappearing after Track`s 30 sec end
4. Fixed Soul Steal channeling text in the tooltip
5. Added passive icon for Strygwyr’s Thirst
6. Added passive icon for Plague
7. Fixed a rare Mac issue with shared Soul Ring
8. Fixed casting distance exploits with Skewer
9. Changed Soul Ring icon / added the new icon to the map
10. Nerubian Weaver: Added Hardened passive skill icon of the swarm bugs (BTNHardenedSkin.blp)
11. Nerubian Assasin: Added Missile Speed of Carrion Scarabs (undeadunitfunc)
12. Nerubian Assasin: Impale damage reduced from 80/160/230/300 to 80/140/200/260(6.67)
13. Game-wide sound gets muted when Global Silence is used (173422)
14. Fixed memory leak (6.67c) in Silence trigger. (tnx PhaseLock)
15. Curse of the Silent now displays a buff indicator
16. Bristleback – Warpath maximum stacks increased from 4 to 5
17. Fixed error in Broodmother`s item build – she was staying with Wraith and RoR at late end game. Now buys HoT and Linken`s Sphere
18. Fixed the prices of some recipes/items for the AI:
– Manta Style Recipe increased from 500 to 600
– Dagon Recipe decreased from 1350 to 1300
– Sange Recipe decreased from 800 to 750
– Yasha Recipe decreased from 800 to 750
19. Added some new items in Pugna`s item build (now he buys scepter… what a smart guy)
20. Fixed Mekansm not healing Visage’s Familiars

Note: i used WinMPQ to compress the map and i hope it didn`t screw up something. If any problem arise from that i`ll upload it uncompressed.

Dota 6.67b AI Rev2b
Bugs fixed:
1. Blademail now works
2. *New visual effect for the offensive use of Urn of Shadows
3. Tracked visual effect by Bounty Hunter on enemy unit
4. Leshrac`s Diabolic Edict was missing the explosion effects on random places when no units in range… thus hitting invisible units
5. Dark Seer Ion Shell stackable(fixed but not tested by me)
6. Puck’s scepter now bringing stats up and adds + 50 mana use
7. Nerubian Assassin’s scarabs couldn`t use Infestation (clicking the button did nothing). Now fixed – blowing up doing silence and dmg
8. Nerubian Weaver
* Fixed Cleave/Anchor Smash from instantly killing Swarm creatures
* Various performance improvements when casting The Swarm
* Non-hero units now do half damage to The Swarm
* Fixed a bug with lifesteal and The Swarm creatures

Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/11/2010
Bugs fixed:
– Spirit Breaker’s Charge of Darkness causes target suicide and then becomes invulnerable.
– Sacred Warrior’s Inner Vitality heals instantly .
– Double Click Scroll of Town Portal doesn’t go back to fountain.
– Puck’s Aghanism doesn’t work.
– Goblin Techies doesn’t gain XP when kill emey heroes by Land Mines or Remote Mines.
– Other slightly errors.

Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010
– The first Dota 6.67b AI map
– Bug is expected
– AI player cannot use new items. And because Magnus, Nerubian Weaver, Bone Fletcher and Spirit Breaker have some skill modifications, so AI player cannot use their new skills, too. Please use -repick to make AI player choose another hero.


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