Foreign Minister George Yeo Supports Jack Neo’s Extramarital Affair

Foreign Minister George Yeo has rallied behind film-maker Jack Neo.

Revealing that Jack Neo called him with a confession about his extramarital affair with Wendy Chong on before the story broke in the Lianhe Wanbao.

Jack Neo, his wife and children are going through an ordeal. Reports about
his infidelity will make the rounds and cause pain and embarrassment.
Before the news broke on Saturday evening, Jack called to tell me. He
wanted to tell me himself and not have me learn from newspaper reports.
Giving me the background, he was full of remorse, adding that his wife and
children were angry with him for what he did. I listened to what he said
with great sadness and said he was right to admit wrong and face up to his
responsibility. I was concerned for his wife. When he told me that his
wife was beside him, I asked to speak to her and pledged my full support to

Life is a long and often difficult journey, and what Jack and his family
are going through is what he might have presented in his own movie, except
that this time it is about himself. We are used to having Jack make us
laugh, bring cheer to our daily lives, explain our trials and make them
easier to bear. Let us rally around Jack, his wife and his children at
this time.