Singapore Idol 3 Finals – Sylvia Ratonel vs Sezairi Sezali – Assassination Threats!

To be absolutely honest, other than the auditions, I have never watched a single episode of this season’s Singapore Idol.

Possibly Singapore’s first female idol? 😀

Also I know Wikipedia’s like 10% BS but according to them;

The Singapore Idol stage will be torn down from the MediaCorp studio permanently thereafter.

Can anyone confirm this? I thought Singapore Idol 2 was going to be the last Singapore Idol. 😆

In other Singapore Idol 3 related news, following 2nd runner up, Tabitha Nauser’s departure;

Assassination threats from a certain Chatterbox Champion, obviously a diehard Tabitha Nauser fan.

Let’s see how long our assailant’s Facebook profile stays up. 😮

Addendum: Yes, I added him as a friend! 😆