MediaCorp to discontinue TV Mobile from 2010

MediaCorp to discontinue TV Mobile from 2010

A statement released Tuesday said MediaCorp has decided to terminate the service upon expiry of its current agreement with SBS Transit on January 1.

The company said the discontinuation comes from a careful evaluation of the viability of the service, as resources required to operate and maintain TV Mobile are substantial.

When the service was launched in 2001, it was the only platform in Singapore that offered digital content to public commuters.

MediaCorp said it will re—deploy all TV Mobile staff to other operations within the company.

Alrite, that settles all TV Mobile staff, but what of all the soon-to-be defunct TV Mobile sets? Will a new operator take over where MediaCorp left off? If not, what will we commuters do without MediaCorp’s engaging and rich in-bus entertainment?

Can we finally sleep in peace with no disturbance? 😆