Last minute EZ-Link card exchange rush

So I was at the AMK station and I see this insanely long queue, all the way out of the station itself, and I ask myself, where have all these people been all these while?

Did they only find out about the EZ-Link card replacement only now? Has the replacement process been advertised poorly, hence resulting in all these people only proceeding to do so now? 😮

Nonetheless, LTA has kindly announced an extension for the one-for-one free replacement of EZ-link cards until 7 October 2009. This 7-day extension is an absolute period and there will not be any more extension after this.

After Thursday, you can still get an EZ-Link card but you would have to pay a non-refundable $5 fee for the cost of the card. BAH!

It has estimated that commuters are still holding on to about 3.6 million old EZ-link cards. 😆