OLLO’s The Kube sucks

Well, I just bought it and in my attempt to start charging its battery for use tomorrow, I discovered no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the cable to connect to the player properly.

Called OLLO’s number which the kind lady at 7-11 gave me just before my purchase;

“If you encounter any problems, do not come back to us. Call this number.”

It was as if she was already expecting the Kube to fail me. Or am I simply thinking too much?

Nobody picked up the phone and I realized it’s already after office hours, let’s see how OLLO can help me out the next day.

To be continued?

Addendum: Design fault. Spoke to this nice lady through the phone and confirmed with my colleague. The cable will be exceptionally difficult to insert the very first time. I guess that’s what to be expected with its price tag.

You know, I wonder did the designer of the product actually uses his own product on a daily basis; there’s no freaking HOLD button! With the buttons almost as big as the device itself, walking around listening to the player, I actually had to hold on to it to make sure I don’t accidentally hit the On/Off, Next Track buttons.

Also, the shuffle function doesn’t seem to be working for me, another call to OLLO is probably warranted.

This being a local product makes me kinda depressed. 😥