New Hui Fen

New Hui Fen

New Hui Fen, only 17, helped Singapore score our first gold medal in the girls’ singles event on the first day of the bowling competition. The event took place at the Orchid Country Club.

For her efforts, Hui Fen will receive a cash reward of $4,000, offered by the Singapore Bowling Federation and Orchid Bowl for every gold medal won by the country’s keglers.

Are we going to see a new bowling craze following the footsteps of our table tennis players along with δΉ’δΉ“εœ†? πŸ˜†

Name: New Hui Fen
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 01/01/92
Years in bowling: 8
Why in the sport: Passion for the sport
Most Memorable Moment: Winning team event at Intercity
Most influential person: A.K. Yong
Bowling Idol: Remy Ong
Ambition: World Champion
High Game: 300
No. of Perfect Games: 1
High 3 Games: 743


Asian Intercity 2008 Women’s Masters Gold
Penang Pesta 2008 U-16 Masters 1st
National Schools Five Gold
Singapore Nationals ’08 Women’s Open 2nd