SingTel Sucks

SingTel Sucks

Wanting to sign up for a broadband plan for my mobile phone since forever, and by forever, I mean when I bought my second-hand Nokia E61.

After much research and thought, I’ve decided to go with SingTel since my existing plan was already with them.

So I made my way down to the Hello! shop behind Somerset MRT with my parents. Took a queue number and after a 30 minutes wait, a staff attended to me and that’s where my problems begin.

Went through the usual jibba jabba and the staff gave me a new 3G SIM card as my old one was supposedly incompatible.

I was told that the new SIM card will only be activated 24 hours later and I was to use my old SIM card till the next day.

So, I waited.

24 hours later, I promptly switched over to the new SIM card and wasted no time checking out a whole bunch of websites.

For some reason, I received a number of wrong number calls which I paid no heed to until my home phone rang.

I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriend that afternoon so after sending me multiple unreplied SMSes and unable to call through my mobile, she gave my home phone a shot.

The truth hit me after hearing my girlfriend’s frantic explanation and experimenting myself.

Along with the new SIM card, SingTel had given me a new number without me even having a clue.

My guess is, even after repeating my number to him and seeing him write it down on a paper himself, the staff still managed to get it wrong by 1 digit somehow.

This wasn’t the first time SingTel screwed me over (do ask), at the very same Hello! shop even, so you must understand, I was pretty darn pissed.

Being Sunday, I figured since I could just switch back to using my old SIM card temporary, I can head down to any other Hello! shop the next day to rectify the problem.

At this point, I must let you know that being an avid online auction participant in my present state, it was crucial for me to be able to access the internet from 12am to 5am. One of the main factors which made me invest in the Nokia E61 in the first place.

I headed down to the Hello! shop at AMK and joined the slow, long queue. After describing the problem I encountered with the SIM card and letting him know my intention of accessing the internet that very night, he continuously assured me that he will push for my new SIM card to be activated by that night.

If not, I was told that I can call the operator to check on the status (via 1626 -> 1 -> 1 -> 0 -> 3).

Shortly after leaving the shop, my old SIM card got deactivated and thinking my new SIM card was already activated, I quickly rushed home to try it out only to find out it has not been activated.

At this point, with my old SIM card deactivated and new SIM card not yet activated, my E61 was as good as a dummy set.

I promptly made a call to the operator as the Hello! staff recommended to do so earlier. After explaining my situation to the operator, she actually gave me the guarantee that the new SIM card will be activated within the next 4 hours. The time then was around 9pm.

Following that, I stayed up all the way till 3am continuously switching the mobile on and off every hour with the interval dropping hoping to see it being activated so I can take part in the particular auction that night.

Nothing happened. The auction was over and I didn’t even get a shot at placing my bid.

Sleepy and absolutely disappointed, I went to bed.

Woke up the next day at 7.30am and still, it wasn’t activated.

My Nokia E61 finally beeped alive at 8am. According to the SingTel operator’s guarantee, whole 7 hours late.

Thank you for fucking me up once again SingTel. 👿