M1 Take3

Sounds like a good deal on this good looking model? 😀

Sign up for a M1 plan, choose a phone of your choice and after completing 9 months of your Take3 contract, you can take the phone back to M1 and exchange it for another phone of your choice.

Alternatively, you can also choose to keep the phone by paying a nominal fee.

By nominal fee, I’m guessing they actually mean the retail price of the phone.

Bottomline is, you sign up with M1 and they’ll lend you the phone for use till your contract ends. In the meantime, if you so ever damage the phone while the phone is in your possession, you will have to reimburse M1 for the full cost of the phone.

Meaning you’re pretty much fucked.

Other than that, if you’re one of those phone changing hippies who treat your phone like your first new-born, then yes, M1’s Take3 is perfect for you.

Go knock yourself out.