Good Paper 好报

I do visit AMK Hub from time to time but for some reason, instead of going home straight after work, I’ve decided to drop by AMK to sort some things out.

Going up the escalator, I was greeted by a bevy of clowns with stacks of newspaper in their hands.

At first, I thought that it was some merchant’s idea of marketing to attract people’s attention to their new product or simply another of those crazy cults spreading their propaganda via free newspaper.

To be honest, I was edging through the crowd hoping to avoid being handed a copy. However, this kid came out of nowhere, stucking a copy into my face and the words, GOOD PAPER sticking out at me.

I started browsing through and was actually enjoying the fresh dose of upbeat, positive, feel-good news.

From their website;

Good Paper is a bi-monthly, bi-lingual newspaper devoted to only the positve side of news. Good Paper is filled with motivational commentaries and events, heart-warming projects and inspirational stories of ordinary people. Best of all, because we believe that good news should come at no cost – every issue of Good Paper is yours for free.

The launch date is today and I’ve so happened to receive the very first issue.

My guess is the cost of publishing came directly from the founder, Ling Seow and either he is very wealthy or hopefully he is able to find a generous advertiser who is able to allow this meaningful publication to strive.

You can download & read the first issue here.