Singapore Idol 3 Auditions FAQs

Word is out!

Singapore Idol 3 auditions will be held at The Cathay (2 Handy Road – opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT) on 6 June 2009 at 8am!

It’s on a first come first serve basis and once you’ve registered, you’ll be auditioned straight after. However, if the turnout is overwhelming, which I expect it to be, you will be asked to return on another day for your audition.

Also, a very informative FAQ from the official website;

  1. You must be in line by 8a.m. at the Audition Venue. Registration for the Auditions closes at 6p.m.
  2. You must register online, then print out the online application form and bring the signed application form (photo included) with you on the day of Registration — 6 June to the Registration Venue. You must also bring your letter of Confirmation with your reference number on it.
  3. You MUST bring along a piece of ID that includes a Recent photo. The information provided in the Application Form should correspond with the information provided in the ID. For Singapore citizens please bring along your NRIC. For non-Singapore citizens (including Singapore PR), please bring along your passport.
  4. Auditions are NOT by appointment, you must come by 8a.m and join the Official Queue.
  5. Auditions will be first-come, first-seen. It is up to you to decide when to arrive at the auditions. Please anticipate long queues.
  6. Please remember that the audition process may take up to several hours, so please plan accordingly. Do ensure that you have a hearty breakfast before queuing at the venue, and come prepared for an audition process lasting several hours.
  7. If you are under 21 years of age as of the date of registration, please ensure that you bring along a letter of approval from a parent or guardian with their signatures. You are allowed to bring a parent or guardian with you, but they will only be allowed into the Reception & Registration Areas, depending on the day’s turnout.
  8. For those over 21, guests will be permitted based on the day’s turnout. No guests – family or friends-are allowed into the audition room with you.
  9. PLEASE COME DRESSED TO IMPRESS, but remember NOT to wear clothes with visible logos, trademarks or offensive language.
  10. Be prepared to sing two songs of your choice a cappella (without music), one of which must be in English. You will be required to sing a verse and a chorus, but it is good to know the entire song. You must provide the titles of the songs, and the original artistes (singers) to the person judging your performance.

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