Paying 10c to use a toilet? Pfft!

I’m not gonna lament about the paying of 10c to use a toilet cause well, who’s gonna clean the toilets if nobody’s getting paid.

Some toilet cleaners do not collect a salary and their income comes solely from people’s basic urgency, your needs; the ubiquitous 10c coin.

Anyhow, I was at Adam Road Food Centre earlier for lunch at my favourite Nasi Lemak shop (million times better than Chong Pang’s) and like all good, hygienic folks, I was washing my hands before my meal, when this man passed a $1 coin to the toilet tender.

“No change,” the toilet tender replied sternly, shrugging, half expecting the guy to walk away, taking back his $1.

The man hesitated for a moment, probably thinking if this trip’s worth a buck.

“Never mind,” and he rushed in the cubicle.

I guess whatever he had coming, it must be really urgent. 😆