Tavern Layout

Tavern Layout Tavern Layout

One issue I’m debating right now is the current tavern layout. I am trying to improve it so that it is easier for players to quickly find their heroes and in small part to make more room.

There are a few different options, ranging from making just one tavern area and sorting by classes (3 taverns per class [9 total], and then making heroes available or not available based on the game mode) to other ideas like 5 taverns for each side [10 total] with Int/Str/Agi/Hybrid/Hybrid. Hybrid is a bit hard to define though and might not be intuitive for all players. Another option is to have 2 taverns for each class on each side [12 total], but that comes with its share issues as well.

Latest from IceFrog, so what do you think about this? Do you have a better suggestion?