Google Water Bottle

Well hello there!

It was around 1.30pm, Sunday and you’re wearing a green polo tee and with your boyfriend (husband?) and he seems a little sick with your constant patting and rubbing of his back.

But what really caught my attention was your nifty Google water bottle.

Something similar to the one in the above pic, but even better.

How did you obtain one? Are you a huge Google client? Do they give cool freebies like this to their valued customers?

My mom’s guessing you got it from the recent IT show but I’m thinking that’s pretty unlikely

Anyway, if you’re reading this, it’ll be really nice if you let me know where you got it so I can get one for myself as well. I’m reusing those soft drinks bottle for a water bottle and I heard that you’ll get horrible things like cancer if you use them.

Good day!