Yes, I have weighty issues- 1

So this week I headed to my doc to get another month’s of medicine, and to do the weigh-in. This week is tough, there was CNY, company dinners, lotsa buffets and everything to smear a weight loss campaign.

My sis went with me, both of us united with the same beauty plan. I dropped 5 kgs, and my doc is happy with my progress. Ha, but he is not so happy that I am insistent about not seeing him for my acne issue. My new toner and facial wash is a tad too strong, and i started peeling at my mouth area. Double nagging. But haiyah, if I see him for my face now, my wallet will nag at me.

Anyway, let’s hope this coming month will show some results. I am at the stage whereby I have weight plateau for a long time.