Samsung Pleomax Keyboard – TURBO key?

So what the eff is the TURBO key for?

On other keyboard related news, reading these reviews kinda makes me wish I did some research online before making the purchase.

My particular keyboard has keys that randomly don’t work. Currently, the “g”, “h” and space bar keys don’t work (they worked fine yesterday), and in the past Escape has stopped working for a while. Since it’s so inexpensive, it’s probably not worth the money to send it back, but I will certainly be finding another keyboard.

Addendum: Special thanks to (Spanish equivalent of, question answered over at Yahoo! Answers!

Turns out that it used to be used on older computers which had cpus with variable clock speeds and the user could simply tap the turbo key to switch between faster and slower clock speeds on the fly. Nowadays the cpus are not keyboard controllable and the turbo key is rendered rather useless.
The best thing for it is to use some kind of keyboard scripter or remapper to assign it specialized functions to make your life easier.