Friday the 13th is a good Vday

Singles hate Vday. So me being Single= me hating V day. It is the day whereby perishables wrapped in beautiful wrapping, priced exorbitantly given to differentiate the loved from the unloved.

Grrrrr. Totally hate Vday.

So I was glad that the actual V day is on Saturday instead of Friday. That means the number of bouquets sent to the office will be minimized. I was right!!! I did not see any flowers in the office yesterday. Yipee!

Yesterday was a good meetup with Tuppy and the rest. Had a nice drink at lounge of swissotel and rushed off to watch Slumdog Millionaire with my ex-colleague and her classmates. The movie gathering was rather awkward with me sitting in between her and her bf.

But the movie was super good. Think I am finding Indians hotter and hotter than ever. Brilliant flow of sequences and very interesting peek into the world of another culture. Go catch it.

Ok, so today is Vday but I have no plans at all (read: no one want to date me. Fucking hate.) Luckily my attached sister is having a LDR and she is free! Hopefully we will catch a movie, do some shopping later.