25 things about me

I have been tagged to do the 25 Facebook meme, but I guess I will give it a skip. How truthful can you get when you have acquaintances/ family members/ COLLEAGUES reading this meme of yours? Most of it will probably be politically correct facts that is a waste of internet space or a case of too much information. I do not want to know that my male colleague is gay and he has sex with 25 men in the past month. (that’s an analogy).

Hence I shall do a 25 things meme on my blog. Totally truthful.

1) I never had a boyfriend before.
2) I am still a virgin.
3) I am good in maths, I scored 100 when I was in primary 4 and aced all my maths subject (except for A levels with that frigging B)
4) I lost 23++ kgs since my heaviest days.
5) I was on weight loss medicine 2 years ago.
6) I am on weight loss medicine since 1 month ago.
7) I am scared of lighting/thunder/walking on sand/overhead bridges/cats/dogs when I was young
8 ) I drink like a fish.
9) I cannot swim and cannot cycle.
10) I secretly think I am intelligent at times.
11) I hate arm pit/ arm/ leg hair and is glad that I am born relatively hairless.
12) I hate going to KTV cause I think I suck at singing. I think my choir experience in Secondary school had me traumatized for the longest period of time.
13) I am an internet stalker. Piss me off and I will know everything about you.
14) I love eating chilli especially chilli padis.
15) I consider myself peranakan (since my grandma is)
16) I hate (scared of ) cockroaches but lizards are cool with me (my classmates used to catch and rear lizards in secondary school)
17) I love acting and performing.
18) I blocked my US colleague on msn cause he kept bothering me with commonsensical questions about work
19) I am open to dating people from different nationalities and race
20) I am allergic to 3 types of medicine but I think there is more.
21) I am a 2 faced bitch.
22) I am worried about not getting married.
23) I am insecure about my body and looks
24) North Korea is a country I want to tour in the future
25) The guy I first kissed is a non-chinese Singaporean. He’s from Pakistan.