The Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter 小娘惹之月娘与陈锡重逢篇

Jeanette Aw

Due to overwhelming viewers’ response, MediaCorp has decided to make a 3 minute alternate ending to appease the mob.

Needless to say, it would be a happy ending showing the reunion of Chen Xi (Qi Yuwu) and Yueniang (Jeanette Aw).

The script for the alternate ending was finalised on 8 January and filming was promptly completed on the next day.

All you rabid Little Nyonya fans (quite a few I know who usually can’t bother watching local drama), the capsule will air on Channel 8 tonight (11 January 2009) at 9.55pm.

Knock yourself out! 😀

Addendum: If you were too busy doing unimportant stuff like working and missed the mere 3 minutes capsule, click here to watch it or the video embedded after the jump.