Naked couple in Holland Village

I was in Holland Village at around 11pm last night, when me and my friends saw two naked people walking towards us near NYDC!

One was a tall Caucasian man, and the other a petite woman who looked Japanese. They both had footwear on, and the girl was wearing a slingbag, but other than that, they were completely nude!

They looked really comfortable walking down the street, which led to many curious stares. Interestingly enough, the couple walked towards 7-11, and must have made their way around the entire Holland V, because they eventually appeared again near Wala Wala!

They stopped at one of the tables to chat with a group of people and were still naked! Even when a crowd gathered and some people started taking photos, they didn’t bother to cover their private parts or run away.

Minutes later, they put their clothes back on, and left the area to walk towards 7-11 again. Quite a few people in the crowd cheered them on, and the girl even waved back haha.

Very very unforgettable sight which I took a few photos of. Shall post one censored one here =p

How come such things never happen to me when I’m at Holland V? 😯


More pics after the jump!