Filial’ O Me

Today, I was reminding my mother about this filial daughter of hers (me lah!), and how I struggled to stay up late on new year’s eve to ensure she has a long life ahead and will live to a ripe old age.

Mrs Lim: See, I am so guai, Shou Sui (stay up late) to make sure you and Daddy can have long life.

Mrs Lim’s Mum: Don’t bluff. You stay up late everyday.

Mrs Lim: See, I am the most filial. I shou sui the whole year, instead of just one day.

Mrs Lim’s Mum: ………………………

So kids, next time your parents nag at you about playing computer games, msning, you-tubing, blogging, reading people’s blog at night, tell them you are shou sui-ing for them, to ensure they got long lives.

On another note, what a movie to show on CNY day-> 40 year old virgin. After a long day of harassment concern by relatives about your love (or lack of) life, you come home to be reminded of your sad life (made into a comedy to mock at you).

I have decided that I will NEVER EVER become a 40 year old virgin. I even told my friend so. But she asked “How to make sure?”

My reply: have sex when you are 39.