bride wars

After a lackluster day at work, with me working around the office by talking to different divisions (yeah, I am quite free), I decide to skip my colleague’s housewarming and head home. Luckily other colleagues decide to watch a movie, and the bunch of us (including the said colleague whose housewarming I missed) trooped down to watch Bride wars instead. It was more of the guys accompanying the girls since it is a chick flick.

Chick flick was predictable, but a much needed no brainer movie to perk myself up after a tormented week at work. That’s why chick flicks are so popular, it is predictable and it all ends well (something that doesn’t really happen in real life). But after watching a movie, we all became ostriches (due to sitting in the front row). But alas, no handsome colleague to rub my stiff neck away.

Anyway realized that housewarming colleague doesn’t have much friends in Singapore yet, and hence invited a bunch of colleague to his house instead. But it was just me and a girl, hence we decided to skip it instead. Btw, I am minority in my division (being a Singaporean) so my company can really be called an Multi-Nationals Corporation I guess. The 5 of us who watched the movie are from America, Italy, Brazil-Belgium, India and Singapore. We can come straight from the a
United Colors of Benetton ad.

Housewarming colleague is quite a funny guy. We were just talking and he was mentioning about being my sugar daddy.
Housewarming colleague: How about I be your sugar daddy? *flaps non-existent muscles*
Mrs Lim: Yeah, I guess you are old enough to be a sugar daddy.
Housewarming colleague: *ego deflates faster than ABS members quitting*