Merry Xmas!

I am off away from Singapore for Xmas! Will be going to the land of dimsum and casinos for hopefully a well deserved and needed break from work. Notice that all working people just keeps looking forward to taking leave and having a holiday. After 6 months of working, I have morphed into the typical working adult.

besides wishing merry xmas, I wanted to blog abt the evils of painting the house.

So it has been more than 10 years since my house was painted and more than 24 years since my window grills were changed. With all 3 pearls/moneytrees (aka daughters) working now, what better time to upgrade the furniture in the house. Hence we spent 2400 bucks of changing the windows. With the new windows, the old paint looks old. Hence we painted the house. 450 bucks gone.

i think a fresh code of paint doesn’t make your new house new. It makes the existing furniture looks extremely old. Hence we had to buy a new set of sofas to complement the new coat of paint. Ditto for new bed frames/mattresses/wardrobes.

And suddenly with the white coat of paint, my tv set looks small next to the magnificent wall. KNN, another set of tv. And 42 inch to match the white white wall.

yeah my furniture looks new now but my bank accounts look poor.

PS: Miss Elegant said that I cannot tell her mum what I did for her house. “omg you are so filial. Don’t tell my mum that.”